Ribbons and lanyards

GubaTex develops customer-specific applications and promotes innovations with pioneering raw materials like carbon-coated nylon or plasma-coated silver twines. 

 GubaTex combines high quality with a modern standard. 

Technical ribbons

We weave the right ribbons for all applications with a width of 3 to 350 mm, including special orders like tape, Kevlar belts, vulcanised ribbons, and metal ribbons.

National ribbons

National, moiré, and tournament ribbons are often created upon request from authorities and associations for floral gifts and official occasions. This can be created in the national colours or association colours, for example. 


A twine (viscose) made from cellulose is used for this. The pre-twined raw twine is first dyed in a domestic dye-works. Spools are then used to create the loom beam. In conjunction with the weft, we then use modern weaving machines to create ribbons from 3 to 210 mm. The ribbons are subsequently given a beautiful moiré effect and a water-repellant finish before they are rolled up and are ready for sale. 

Pattern card for national ribbons
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PATTERN CARD national ribbons.pdf
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Tournament ribbons

Tournament ribbons are as popular as ever with tournament associations. The tournament ribbons can be purchased in 50-metre rolls at CHF 5.50 per metre. Special productions are available as of quantities of 100 metres. For the double and triple ribbons we deliver the corresponding guard bands, which you can finish on your own.  

Pattern for tournament ribbons. 

Grave ribbons

Pure cellulose, a product from nature, is the basis for our premium twine (viscose). We highly value the usage of safe ingredients as well as environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Our grave ribbons thus fulfil the highest requirements: they are biodegradable and integrate seamlessly into the cycle of life. We combine ecological obligation with textile perfection. 

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