Circular-woven filters

GubaTex develops customer-specific applications and promotes innovations with promising raw materials like carbon-coated nylon or plasma-coated silver twines. 

Our seamlessly circular-woven filter hoses are used in all areas requiring filtration, such as the pharmaceutical and food industry, chemistry and raw material extraction of metals, as well as waste incineration, water treatment, and wastewater purification. 


The seamless and circular-woven filter hoses are highly reliable, as they have no seams that could burst. Their filtration precision is also extraordinary. The filters can be cleaned easily with high counter-pressure and without being damaged. 

Seamless filters

Are you looking for a filter hose that won't leave you with any unpleasant surprises during the filtering process? Or would you like the longest possible downtime? Then you've made the right choice with seamless, circular-woven filter hoses, especially for closed filtration systems where every filter candle is supposed to perform its filtration task to perfection. On top of that: a beautiful design of the filter cake as well as a filtration mass that does not tarnish. 


The latest creations are the "cradle to cradle" filters. Our line of products also includes high-temperature filters made from glass PEEK or PTFE. All materials are available in standard sizes with diameters of 30 to 150 mm. Diameters of up to 300 mm are possible for special applications. The corresponding air passage of 2 to 3000 litres can be selected.  

Hoses with crocheted edge

Are you looking for a filter hose for less demanding filter media? Then a filter hose with a crocheted edge is the choice for you.

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